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Welcome to Thai Massage London!

Are you stressed with daily life? Do you have stiffness and aches or just want to relax? Thai Massage is a proven and effective treatment for this and much more.

Massage will benefit nearly everybody and is also something you can learn, making you very popular with friends and family.

Thai Massage London offers courses suitable for the complete beginner to the more advanced practitioner wanting to extend their skills for their massage therapy career.

A mobile massage service is also available so you can receive a treatment in the comfort of your home. This service is available for areas of central London, Greater London and Hertfordshire.

Thai Massage Explained

Thai massage is a full body technique that uses acupressure, some breath work and stretches performed in rhythmic movements, which is why it is often called Thai yoga massage or lazy man’s yoga. It is therapeutic full body massage where attention can be given to the; feet, legs, hands, arms, hips, the stomach, back, shoulders, head and face, which is why sessions are often longer than many Western massages. The massage is applied on a mat on the floor and the work is performed in light clothing. Pressure can be applied with the thumb, fingers, palm, elbow foot and knees. The main positions to receive massage are supine (lying on back), side, prone (lying on stomach) and sitting.

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